ASMR Popular Triggers Part 2

To an outsider, the world of ASMR videos can be a baffling, kooky place. In a fast-growing corner of the internet, millions of people are watching each other tap, rattle, stroke and whisper their way through hours of homemade videos, with the aim of being lulled to sleep, or in the hope of experiencing “the tingles” – AKA, the autonomous sensory meridian response.

Some whisper gently into the microphone, while tapping their nails along the spine of a book. Others take a bar of soap and slice it methodically into tiny cubes, letting the pieces clatter into a plastic tray. There are those who dress up as doctors and pretend to perform a cranial nerve exam, and the ones who eat food as noisily as they can, recording every crunch and slurp in 3D stereo sound.

Here are some popular ASMR triggers :

  • Hair Play – Hair play causes a powerful sensation especially when soft spoken voices are combined with personal attention.
  • Eating – Watching somebody eat can be a disgusting experience for many. Nevertheless, the sound of somebody chewing food can sometimes be a bit relaxing to some individuals.
  • Blowing – Blowing, mostly into someone’s ear, gives them the feeling of the cool air brushing against their skin and also the sound that your mouth produces as you complete this task. Moving from one ear to another helps to convey this trigger to the front for many people.
  • Page Turning – Turning pages of a book usually offers a delicate sound as pages flit together. The brushing of a paper, the hardcover back flipping gently, and the softer noise that it brings is very relaxing, especially to people who enjoy reading books and know the sounds quite well.

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