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Today’s post is about continuation of meditation post from yesterday. I have been meditating on an off for almost 6 years now and during these years there was a time when I was meditating 30 minutes a day sincerely. I can tell you that it has some cool profound effects. Even 10 days of meditation was major life experience. You become mindful of everything around you, you sleep better, your stress levels are down, random aches and pains no longer trouble you, you build resilience and the list can go on. Is there is a right way to meditate, I don’t think so. There are many schools of meditation and every one of them have their evidence based method of meditation for maximum benefit. So how should one meditate, here’s where I feel you can start :

  • Thoughts – When you notice thoughts, gently let them go by turning your focus to the breath. Don’t try to stop thoughts, it will make you feel agitated. Imagine they are unwelcome visitors at your door, acknowledge them and politely ask them to leave.
  • Emotions – It is difficult to settle into meditation if you are struggling with emotions. This is because some emotions tends to brings stories to the mind especially anger, fear and shame. Focus on your bodily feelings, like if you feel a lump is your thought while thinking of shame, pay attention to the lump and not the memory.
  • Silence – Silence is healing. We understand what our mind is doing when we sit in silent meditation. There is steadiness and calmness. In time outer and inner silence will become one and you will rest in a moment.
  • Length – Start with 10 minutes and only sit longer if you feel the length is too short. Don’t force yourself to meditate longer if you are not ready to do that. In time you should aim at 25 minutes because this length is enough time to not stress your body.
  • Place – It is lovely to create a special place to sit. You can even make a shrine or altar which you can face while meditating. You can place candle or things which matter to you for concentration like stones, flowers. seashells.
  • Enjoyment – Most of all it is important to enjoy meditation. You might want to sit in meditation with a hint of smile. Be kind to yourself. Start sitting just a little each day.

Hope these tips help. Happy Meditation.

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