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In today’s post we will continue to learn about how to confidently speak in public. The idea of speaking in public can be terrifying. Just imagine for a moment that you’re stepping on to a stage and look down at a sea of faces all waiting for you to start. What happens when you imagine that? Most likely your palms will start to sweat and your pulse rate will shoot up. And that’s just thinking about it! However, there are strategies that can help you to present and perform with confidence and be on top of your game. There are some kick-ass Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques that can create a confident mind-state in an instant. 

There are four steps to creating a robust ‘anchor’:

  • Call to mind an experience when you felt confidence. Make the memory vivid by remembering how you felt, what you saw, what you heard, and what you smelt.
  • When your memory is at it’s clearest, activate a physical trigger. This needs to be something that you can do without anyone noticing, for example making a fist, or touching forefinger and thumb together. (Don’t choose something like touching your toe to your ear – it doesn’t look pretty and is difficult to do on stage …)
  • Repeat steps one and two with the same or different memories in order to reinforce the anchor.
  • Test the anchor. Use the physical trigger and notice how your mind-state changes accordingly.

Want to learn more about Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)? Tap here to know the basics > https://empress2inspire.blog/2020/04/05/nlp-basics/

Note: anchors get stronger through use. Start at least two weeks before your presentation and work on strengthening your anchor through practicing steps one and two over and over. Hope this helped. Come back tomorrow for more learnings on public speaking.

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