How to Rebuild Trust in a Relationship Part 2


As the old adage goes, trust is the foundation of every relationship, but that trust can, unfortunately, be broken. Often that’s due to infidelity, and other times it’s a result of one partner doing something that betrays the other partner’s sense of safety and confidence. Trust can also be broken when any kind of expectation in a relationship isn’t met. This often becomes the case because these expectations unfortunately are not always communicated with the other person, and as a result, lines get crossed. Whatever the cause of this compromised sense of confidence in the relationship may be, hope is not lost. You can rebuild trust in a relationship, but doing so does require work from both parties involved.

  • Use Find My Friends – Install the “Find My Friends” app (or any GPS tracking app you like) on your smartphone, so that your partner can know where you are 24/7. Your partner can check on you any time without your knowing : this build trust and gives your partner peace of mind.
  • Use Skype & FaceTime – Use Skype and FaceTime to show where you are and who you’re with. Tools like this build trust. If your partner can FaceTime and see you are where you say you are and you’re doing what you said you’d bee doing, it helps them know that you’re being honest. Honest people are trustworthy.
  • Have Frequent Chats – Schedule time to ask to your partner about the affair. Ideally, set aside time every day for week 1, then try to move to every other day. Limit the talks to 1 hour.
  • The Sandwich Rule – To ensure that your difficult conversations go well, use the sandwich rule : put a piece of fluffy, positive “bread” before and after the meat of the chat. This means start a hard chat with some praise, wrap up with some appreciation and gratitude.

You don’t need to do these things forever. These are things that will help you rebuild trust. Once trust if rebuilt, you and your partner will stop monitoring and checking on each other. If trust is not significantly built within 6 months, please reach out to a therapist for some expert advice.

For more tips of building trust, tap here >

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