Is Success Causing Tension in Your Relationship


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A recent study from researchers at the University of Florida and the University of Virginia found evidence to suggest that a partner’s level of accomplishments can greatly affect his/her relationships. As success and ambition are qualities most people take into effect when selecting a mate, the other partner’s ego can suffer greatly when they feel as though they are not seen as superior in these categories. These feelings, in turn, can cause them to project these insecurities into the relationship, making long-term success unfavorable. 

So does that mean that successful people can’t have it all? They can. So how do we go about maintaining healthy relationships? Your partner’s supposed to pop the champagne when you get that promotion at work or achieve your dreams, but what if they’re actually not supportive of you? If they’re showing any of these signs, they’re jealous of you and making your relationship a toxic competition.

  • Their Complements are not Genuine – Although your partner will say that you’re so amazing and you deserve this success because you’ve worked so hard, it just doesn’t feel like their response is authentic. 
  • They Feel Bad – After you’ve shared the good news with your partner, they get super quiet or start to look moody. 
  • They Give Unsolicited Advice – When you share something awesome that happened to you, your partner will be quick to dish out the “good advice,” like how you can’t trust people out there or how hard the industry is and you have to be so careful.
  • They Are Not Present – While they’re always around when you’re going through a bad time, they seem to go AWOL for a bit when you’re having a great time.
  • They Are High On Sarcasm – When you’re going through a good patch in life because life’s going your way, your partner will try to bring you down with sarcastic comments. It’s so true what they say—jealousy makes you nasty.
  • They Try To Steal Attention – It’s your big day and you’re excited to share your story with them, but all they want to do is one-up your news with something that happened to them, whether good or bad. 

If you are seeing these signs in your relationship, it is time to have an honest chat with your partner. 

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