Daily Dose for the Soul


That inner being ness knows why you’re here, but you ego prods you to chase after money, prestige, popularity, and sensory pleasures and miss the purpose of living. You may feel sated and gain a reputation, but inside there’s that gnawing feeling typified by the old Peggy lee song “Is that all there is?”. Focusing on the demands of the ego leaves you feeling unfulfilled. Deep within you, at the level of your being, is what you were intended to become, to accomplish, and to be. In that inner placeless place, you’re connected to the power of intention. It will find you. Make a conscious effort to connect it and listen. Practice being what you are at the source of the soul. Go to your soul level, where intention and purpose fit together so perfectly that you achieve thee epiphany of simply knowing this is it.

Your silent inner knowing. Esteemed psychologist and philosopher William James once wrote: “In the dim background of our mind we know meanwhile what we ought to be doing. But somehow we cannot start. Every moment we expect the spell tp break, but it does continue, pulse after pulse, and we float with it.”

Reference : The Power of Intention. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

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  1. Pamala says:

    Today, the overwhelming need to know what I am has been satisfied. This posts is like a guidepost leading me to that very end. I have been on a pursuit, lead by the Ego, by its own nature can never be satisfied. It is the Soul which has to be satisfied to feel a measure of peace and serenity. It is reassuring to see oneself through the words of another. Have a blessed day.

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you Pamala. I remember how I used to think; it was always, “People suck” and “I hate (fill in the blank).” I was constantly focusing on the bad side of humanity, so that was all I could see. It cast a shadow, which took the joy out of life.

      It should have been obvious that I was creating my own misery, but I wasn’t able to see how my own thoughts affected my mood.

      I had to change my entire outlook by training my mind to see things in a new light. It would have been easy to stay on the same path. After all, I had chronic fatigue, no money, and nothing to look forward to because I didn’t have a compelling vision of the future. I felt the present situation was permanent.

      Eventually, I’d had enough and started thinking about what I could do to change my situation


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