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Using Herbs in Pregnancy

For gentle remedies during pregnancy, it is fine to use herbs in cooking or herbal teas. However, stronger preparations should only be prescribed by a qualifies herbalist.

  • Fennel – Fennel tea can ease morning sickness, but don’t drink more than two cups per day. Try cooking with fennel bulb to ease nausea.
  • Garlic – Garlic is an extremely popular all purpose herbal remedy. You can add this versatile ingredient to your cooking while pregnancy to help keep your blood pressure stable. Garlic also boosts your immune system and lowers the risk of blood clots. It can even help the growth of the planets and developing baby, as it aids the healthy functioning of your circulation.
  • Liquorice – Chewing liquorice sweets can help o alleviate feelings of nausea. It can also help to settle a sluggish digestive system when eaten, to taken as a tea. The medicinal properties of dried liquorice root can aid the digestive system during pregnancy.

Adding herbs to your cooking – There is a wide variety of healing herbs you can use as seasoning during pregnancy that help provide nutrients for you and your baby.

  • Alfalfa, burdock root, kelp, nettle and oil straw are good sources of essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Caraway, dill and fennel can encourage your milk flow when you’re breastfeeding.
  • Garlic helps boost your immune system and circulation.
  • Rosehips are rich in vitamin C and can therefore help to fight infections.
  • Sage reduces milk production when you are wearing or if you are bottle feeding.

Tinctures – Lavender, marigold, and St. Johns wort tinctures can help with the healing process, especially if you had stitches following labour.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/564x/4f/b3/76/4fb376e993fea9ae49a58d4357b3736d.jpg

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