Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight Part 3


You were overweight, but you did your best to lose some pounds and you did! You’re pretty happy with yourself, but you can’t quite get down to your ‘ideal’ weight, even though you think you’ve tried everything. Sound familiar? Here we look at some reasons why your weight loss has reached a plateau.

  • You’re into the coffee shop culture

Do you remember when coffee meant instant granules with hot water? Now everywhere you go there’s a million choices. These coffees or hot chocolates may taste nice and make you feel good (for a bit) but they aren’t a great choice if you’re trying to lose weight. Walford suggests you watch the milk: “Many white coffees or hot chocolates from cafes have much more milk in than you would put in yourself at home.” And of course, coffee shop ‘mixed drinks’ like a mocha or blended ice-coffee tend to have a lot of sugar in too. Trying to lose weight, but love your coffee? Try black, no sugar.

  • You’re eating more than you think

Studies that go back to the 1990s have consistently shown that we underestimate how much we eat. Believe it or not, twenty years ago scientists wrote: “Individual underestimates of 50% are not uncommon.” And more recently investigators from the Czech Republic who looked at a number of studies found about a third of us eat more than we think (by an average of 15%). If you’re having trouble keeping track of what you eat, try snapping a photo of literally everything you eat or drink over a 24-hour period: the results might surprise you.

Hope you found you reason for nor losing weight.

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