Changing Your Body Chemistry


To Reduce Extreme Emotion Mind Fast – Remember these as TIP skills

T – Tip the temperature of your face with cold water (to calm down fast)

  • Holding your breath, put your face in a bowl of cold water or hold a cold pack (or zip-lock bag of cold water) on your eyes and cheeks.
  • Hold for 30 seconds. Keep water above 50F.

I – Intense Exercise (to calm down your body when it is revved up by emotion)

  • Engage in intense exercise, if only for a short while.
  • Expend your body’s stored up physical energy by running, walking fast, jumping, playing basketball, lifting weights, etc.

P – Paced Breathing (pace your breathing by slowing it down)

  • Breathe deeply into your belly.
  • Slow your pace of inhaling and exhaling way down (on average, five to six breaths per minute).
  • Breathe out more slowly than you breathe in (for example, 5 seconds in and 7 seconds out).

P – Paired Muscles Relaxation (to calm down by paring muscle relaxation with breathing out)

  • While breathing into your belly deeply tense your body muscles (not so much as to cause a cramp)
  • Notice the tension in your body.
  • While breathing out, say the world “Relax” in your mind.
  • Let go of the tension.
  • Notice the difference in your body.

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