Choosing To Be Happy


Someone once said to me they didn’t feel that being happy was a choice. They felt that no one decides to have a bad day. That everyone starts the day choosing to be happy, but that things happened along the way that were out of their control. While I agree that things do happen that are out of our control, I must say though, that I disagree that no one decides to have a day other than a great one… We just may not realize that we are making that choice.

Unfortunately, I think we all, at times, choose not to have a happy day… Maybe not consciously, but subconsciously, as in when we choose to hold grudges, resentments, feel self-pity, etc. etc. That’s when we are choosing through our thoughts and attitudes to have a bad day… for how can we have a great day when we are mired in self-pity, or seething with anger, resentment, and thoughts of revenge???

So while you may not get up saying “today, I choose to have a lousy day”, if you get up saying things to yourself like “I wish I could tell my boss to take this job and shove it”, or “this or that or so-and-so really drives me crazy”, or some other negative thoughts or feelings, then, in short, you are choosing to have an unhappy day.

The key remains in “being aware” or conscious of our thoughts before we let them become words and actions. When we examine our thoughts as they “come up”, we can make choices as to whether that is something we want to “turn into concrete reality” for ourselves. This is an ongoing process. It is not a decision that you make once and then can forget about. It is rather a decision that is made with each thought each minute of the day.

The great thing is that there is always a next chance to choose again. So even if you chose resentment today or this morning, as soon as you become aware of your choice (your mood), you can make a different choice. It is really quite simple, but it necessitates a willingness to let go of “being right” and let go of self-pity, self-righteousness, and all those things.

Yes, we sometimes tend to get “self-righteous” when we think we are right, and that stops us from choosing peace. But, since it is our choice, whatever we choose is OK. We can always choose differently, next time. And the next time is always now.

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