The Importance of Environment


Our immediate surroundings are critical for our mental health.

For mental strength, try to manipulate the environment first. In this way, you will be taking away the opportunity to fail. Manipulating the environment for mental strength will mean that you make use of the concept of minimalism as much as possible. The less information and distractions you have in general, the clearer the mind will be. So clean your room and your office, even the files on your pc. This will have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing. People who tend to hoard items find fresh mental energy when they let go of their many possessions and send them to the trash heap. Limit the time you spend on television and switch off your phone at night. Eliminating cable is also a good idea.

Even things like making your bed in the morning and spending some time out in nature can really help to get the mind in order. Another way of describing the concept of the universe being a product of mind is that ‘the outer reflects the inner’. We can easily tell the personality of an individual by the state of his or her bedroom. It can be obsessively neat and tidy or it can be much like a dump. Ideally, it could be neat and orderly with a few items thrown around here and there. Understanding the importance of the environment is an important discovery. It means that we can change external objects and situations that will positively reflect on our internal state, and vice versa


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  1. telugubloggersreenadh says:

    Yes, nature is giving lots of things to us. Please save the trees. Enjoy the nature.

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    1. GS says:

      Absolutely on point


      1. telugubloggersreenadh says:

        Thank you sir

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