Stop Being Judgemental

Why Your Brain Likes To Judge

The reason your brain likes to judge is because it’s a survival brain. Your primitive brain is always looking out for what’s “bad.” It’s trying to avoid all those things so it can keep you alive. It’s trying to find the negative in yourself and others so it can avoid it.

Because of this, it’s going to naturally look for the bad things to judge. It wants to pinpoint those things first so it can know to keep you safe. 

This isn’t a good thing. When you’re judging other people, you’re making yourself “better than” they are. You’re giving yourself validation because you’re not like them. You’re not doing what they’re doing. And you’re getting a rush of dopamine from seeing yourself so highly. 

This might make you feel good for a little bit of time. But, in the long term, it’ll have really harmful effects. There’s a lot of problems with being judgmental towards anyone.

The Problem With Being Judgmental

There are a lot of different problems with being judgmental. 

When you’re judging, you’re distancing yourself. You’re distancing yourself from yourself. You’re holding yourself back from loving you. 

When you judge other people you’re distancing yourself from them. You have a loose connection with them. You may be seeing yourself as better than them. And you could be seeing the negative. This keeps you from seeing the good and having deeper relationships with others. 

This doesn’t do any good for you. It only hurts you. When you come off of the dopamine hit, you’re going to feel terrible. 

Think of it like eating a cookie. It may taste great at that moment. When the sugar high wears off, you’re left with the negative health effects. 

You’re going to give yourself a lower quality of life. When you judge others and yourself you’re seeing the worst. When you judge you’re creating a negative experience in this world. You’re not going to experience the best the world has to offer because you’re seeing the negative all the time. 

When you choose your thoughts you’re going to get a better experience. You’re doing thought work from a higher place. You don’t need to be constantly suffering because of your thoughts.

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