Let’s Sing A Song


Everyone has a favorite song or two that lights up something bright and energetic deep inside them. You might have even thought of one just as your read that statement. Usually, these songs are interwoven with a memory or a series of memories from a particular time in life. We often connect with music especially deeply in our teens and twenties, so if you find that your song comes from that time in your life, rest assured that is very common. Perhaps it’s a song you danced to with your friends, or that you sang aloud on the open road, or one that you scribbled its lyrics inside your locker door, or is a theme song from an awesome movie.

Wherever it comes from, you know the song. You know all of the lyrics, even though it’s been years since you first heard it, and maybe it’s even been years since you last heard it.
Get ready – it’s time to bring joy into your life with that song. Depending on where you are in this moment, choose an option that is most reasonable:
• Close your eyes and sing the song in your mind.
• Imagine yourself in the crowd while the band is singing this song live in concert.
• Tap out the rhythm of the song on your desk or steering wheel.
• Hum or whistle the tune of the song.
• Write down all of the lyrics that you remember.
• Download the song and listen to it on repeat as you go for a walk.
• Sing the song as loud as you possibly can.

Let the feelings associated with those lyrics, that tune, those beats wash over you, just like they did when you first heard it. The musicians or lyricist would love to know that this song creates such an impact for you. Maybe you even want
to write them a note saying so.

Alternatively, share the song on social media or play it over the phone for someone who will also appreciate it. Celebrate the joy of music, and live in that
joy, knowing that our brains are hard-wired to respond to music in this profound way.

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