Recall The Benefits of Kindness

What is a kindness that you have offered someone recently? Let’s examine that experience from the first to the last moment, including recognition of how it continues to exist for you in your mind and body. This exercise isn’t about bragging, although you might feel pride or satisfaction about what happened. That is wonderful if you do feel those things. You might also feel modest or humble. That’s okay, too. You can feel many feelings at the same time. Your goal is to connect with those feelings and make them real in this moment.

Think back to a moment before your kind action, when you knew you were going to do it. What motivated you to do this nice thing? What effect did you hope your action would have? How did you feel inside as you prepared for it?

Now imagine, or remember, the look on the person’s face as they experienced your gift of time, resources, or energy.

– How did they feel receiving this kindness?
– How did they feel about receiving it from you specifically?
– What did it mean to them to experience such kindness?

Lastly, what story do you tell yourself about this act of kindness? How have you filed that experience away within you? Does the story incorporate all the feelings you just experienced as you went through those questions? What would need to change about the story in order for it to better reflect the full picture of what actually happened, for you and the other person? Now that the story is more complete, and does a better job of accounting for all the genuine feelings that occurred, make room for those feelings. As you do that, imagine the look on the other person’s face as they experienced your kindness. Let that look settle upon you, as the giver of that experience. You have offered wonderful things to the world and it is joyful to re-live those times.

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  1. From my point of view, the crux for this is in making room to feel these emotions – so many of us are sucked into the mechanical world without trying to face these emotions and be mindful about them. They can provide a splendor of brilliance and enrich our emotional/mental life consistently

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    1. GS says:

      Mindfulness is key indeed Vinay


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