Self Programming Strategy


There are other strategies you can use to program your mind. Remember that the time you are just waking and the time that you are settling down to sleep are the best times for self- programming.

Meditation is another key time. But you still need to utilize the rest of the day as much as possible to put yourself into a positive state of mind. If you have a desk job, then you are stuck on a computer for 8 hours a day. You might as well make the most of it. Listen to classical music for a couple of hours a day. Binaural beats and theta brainwave entrainment tracks are available on Youtube and on other sites.

Alternatively, record yourself saying empowering affirmations and listen to it for an hour. Subconsciously, the statements “I am rich”, “I am attractive”, “I am intelligent” are going to sink in and start to manifest in your everyday life.

You could also consider lucid dreaming or seeing a therapist as a means of accessing the subconscious. There are a large number of self-programming strategies available. Just pick one or two and stick with them for a consistent length of time.

Remember, self-programming consists of two parts. The first is what you program yourself with. The second is what you are able to block out. You might be telling yourself how attractive you are, but other people and the world might like to tell you otherwise. Create a clean work and personal environment and get rid of people who drain your energy. Also, limit time spent on social media and time spent exposed to advertisements of all kinds.

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  1. Sowmya says:

    Self programming indeed builds up mental strength. Great post Garima

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    1. GS says:

      And what most of us mean when we say we’d like to “change” ourselves is simply that we’d like to make slightly better actions and decisions. Here’s a vague picture that kind of looks like someone who is trying to find themselves but instead they got lost in their bed sheet. Thank you!!

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      1. Sowmya says:

        Absolutely Garima

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