Self Respect or Self Love


Surprisingly, what I’ve found is that self-love is really the easier of the two. These are the things you do to take care of yourself. That massage on your calendar every three weeks? That is self-love. Self-love might be getting that manicure, taking a walk, spending some time meditating, soaking in the tub. Whatever you do that feels good…it’s all about making the things that make you happy a priority.

Self-respect, on the other hand, can be a little more difficult. It means that you choose the best for yourself even if you don’t really want to. Even though it hurts a little to say, “no”, when you know it’s the right decision for yourself.

Sometimes having self-respect can hurt much more than we anticipate. We fear change or disappointing someone else, so we dumb down our decisions to keep others happy. And change…whoa…usually equals at least a little pain.

Self-respect can require making devastatingly tough decisions. It might mean you have to stand up for yourself when you’ve been mistreated or disrespected. It might mean you have to cut off some relationships in your life. These decisions hurt. They don’t make you happy like getting that massage! But sometimes, they are required.

Self-respect is

learning something new

eating better

having the high-risk discussion

sending the email

leaving the relationship

Scary. Uncomfortable. But, you do them because you know you’ll be better for it. Maybe you won’t see the results of the good decision to respect yourself until much later.

But know this – it will be worth the wait.

Make the tough call. Do the thing you know is worth it in the long run even though it’s scary. The pain of change is temporary.

Choose the best for yourself.

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  1. skylinerise says:

    This is amazing!! I loved your article ❤

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    1. GS says:

      A healthy level of self-respect enables you to have the confidence to set firm boundaries. It means knowing what you stand for and what your values are, and being accepting of both your strengths and weaknesses. … Self-respect is more important than always being seen as a really nice person.

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      1. skylinerise says:

        That is so true!!! ❤ self respect is truly very important. It helps us to stand against unjustice done to us!! It helps us to fight back. 😊😊


      2. GS says:


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  2. Kritika says:

    Good Morning GS 🙂
    Happy Friday!

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    1. GS says:

      Happy Friday Kritika.

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      1. Kritika says:

        Thank you GS 🙂

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      2. GS says:



    1. GS says:

      Thank you for sharing


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