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According to the wise Confucian scholar Jeong Yak-yong (1762–1836):
The best way to hide your wealth is to give it away.
If you are generous with your wealth,
the money that would have disappeared sooner or later
becomes an everlasting jewel, deeply engraved in the heart of the recipient.
The air I inhale enters my body and becomes part of me.
The air that I exhale moves into someone else and becomes part of her.
Just by looking at how the air moves,
we realize we are all connected to one another,
not just figuratively but also literally.

Whether we like it or not, we are all connected,
and it is unthinkable to be happy all by oneself.”

The whole universe is contained in an apple wedge in a lunch box.
Apple tree, sunlight, cloud, rain, earth, air, farmer’s sweat are all in it.
Delivery truck, gas, market, money, cashier’s smile are all in it.
Refrigerator, knife, cutting board, mother’s love are all in it.
Everything in the whole universe depends on one another.
Now, think about what exists in you.
The whole universe is in us.

Excerpt From: Haemin Sunim. “The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down: How to Be Calm and Mindful in a Fast-Paced World”. Apple Books.


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  1. I found my voice says:

    Amazing concept,I love it💙

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    1. GS says:

      Most welcome. Glad you liked the post


  2. Human Being says:


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