Daily Dose for the Soul


Our thoughts, intentions and feelings are energy that is as powerful as the energy that is as powerful as the energy in our physical selves, and this energy impacts the world around us in material ways. This is because our thoughts and feelings are vibrational energy waves, the same energy waves that exist in everything around us. Every thought you have ever had and will ever have creates a vibration that goes out into the quantum field, extending forever. These vibrations meet other vibrations, crisscrossing in an incredible maze of energy. Get enough energy together and it clumps into mass, becoming a form that is tangible and visible to us. In other words, the energy we send out as thoughts or intentions might just come back to us in a physical form. In this way, the energy of our emotions may be manifesting the events and relationships that occur in our lives on an entirely unspoken, unconscious, and quantum level. This is the defining idea behind the Law of Attraction.

Feelings, thoughts and the intentions that go with them (consciously or unconsciously) have energy and power strong enough to impact the world around us and the people within it. We are all creating our won universe each and every day. Our expectations and our beliefs can literally change how we grow and develop and alter the people we become, not just psychologically but energetically as well.

Reference : Quantum Love. Laura Berman, PH.D.

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