Daily Dose for the Soul

Most people are so distracted by what others are doing and what others are thinking that they forget to tune themselves to their own expansion. And when the resulting empty feeling comes, they incorrectly assume that is has something to do with the behaviour or opinions of the others. But it is never about that. Every emotion that you feel, good or bad, is about the relationship between your current thought and the understanding of the Source within you on the same topic.

Some people are feeling acute fear or anxiety because they are personally, right now, without work or income. But the fear that most people are feeling today is because of their negative speculation about how bad conditions may yet become and negative impact that those future, unwanted conditions may have on their personal lives. By giving attention to the financial trauma that some people are experiencing, and by adding to that trauma with their own anticipation of how much worse it could become without meaning to, and certainly without wanting to, people are adding massively to an even worsening economic situation. Their worries thoughts are not a driving negative force that is somehow destroying businesses and employment and resources, but those thoughts are holding them apart from the financial well being that they so much desire.

When you see others experiencing hardship and come fearful that similar hardship will befall you, you hold yourself in a Vibrational tension that disallows your nature Well Being from flowing. As more people observe hardship and strike a tense, resistant pose and therefore disallow their won well being, other use them as their reason to do the same. And, in a very short time, a very negative pattern of resistance can sweep through your population. The good news in this scenario is that, in every moment that every person is feeling negative emotion about the economic state, Vibrational requests for more abundance are launched and those requests are heard clearly, and responded to immediately, by Source. And a non-physical, vibrational vortex and creation begins to swirl in powerful response to that powerful asking, and all compatible components are drawn into the Vortex for all the discovery and relief of those who allow themselves to be drawn inside.

Reference : The Vortex. Esther and Jerry Hicks.

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you. I am glad you liked it.


      1. Am glad you posted it

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  1. I have not heard before that negative thought affects the economy. Wonderful perspectiveūüôā

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    1. GS says:

      All our thoughts have a positive and negatives effects in economy.


  2. Carol anne says:

    Awe so nice I loved these thanks for sharing them! ‚̧

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    1. GS says:

      Most Welcome Carol. I am glad you liked the affirmations.

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