Daily Dose for the Soul


Whether you are currently without the relationship that you desire or in the middle of a relationship that does not please you, there is nothing that you could do that would be of a greater value in moving you in the direction of the relationship that you want them to take a notebook and spend time every day writing the positive aspects of the people in your life.

Make lists of positive aspects about the people around you, the people from your past, and yourself. And, in a very short period of time, you can demonstrate to yourself the power of aligned thought and the cooperative nature of the Law of Attraction. By releasing all efforts towards the futile control of the behaviour of others and, instead, focusing the power of your positive thoughts, you will find the delicious relationships that you have been dreaming about.

You are the thinking, vibrating attractor of your experience, and the thoughts you think determine everything about your life that you live. As you turn your attention towards the positive aspects of the personalities and behaviours of others with whom you share your planet, you will train your point of attraction in the direction of only what you desire.

The relationships that you desire are not only possible, not merely possible, they are certain. But you must train the frequency of your thought-Vibration into alignment with those desired relationships if you are to experience them in the tactile, physical, “real life” ways that you desire. Not only does the power of your thought determine which people make their way into your life, but the power of your thought determines how they behave once they get there.

Reference : The Vortex. Esther and Jerry Hicks.

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  1. Beautifully said. There is something so important about writing those things that we want. It trains the soul to move towards the vision it seeks. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. GS says:

      There is an art to living, to creating your life on your terms based on your desires, talents, values, and dreams. In a culture where we must attend thirteen years of school, we’re rarely taught to look within and name what it is we want from life. We’re rarely taught that we have the power within to live the lives we want, not what other people expect of us. I am glad you liked the post.


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