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Anybody you know has some form of expectation from you. Even those, whom you don’t know but are connected to you in some way, somehow expect you to be a certain way. Your priest, government, fellow citizens, strangers on the road, they all expect you to be certain way. If you accidentally bump into a stranger, you are expected to apologise. You are expected to dress in a civilised manner. These expectations are there so the society remains in order, but the world doesn’t take it too kindly if you break them.

You are under constant pressure from peers, bosses, friends and family. You have laid your burden on them and they have laid their burden on you. Whether or not you fulfil their expectations, just being awaken of the fact that they expect from you is generally sufficient to stress out most people. Expectations disturb tranquility. From the perspective of a meditator, an expectation is merely a desire we are holding onto. Our ego thinks we must see through this lingering thought. When ego clings to a desire, it transforms into an expectation.

When we are unable to let go of our thoughts, some of them become emotions, and then we attach emotions to our desires and expectations. This is where a thought is transformed into a potent force nudging us to take action. Emotions are the giant killer waves that knock the surfer off his surfboard. They influence the nature of and intention behind our actions. And action, is the final stage of a thought, for the life of a thought ends where action starts.

Reference : A million thoughts. Om Swami.

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  1. Fantastic post Garima👌.In life I believe “When expectations ends piece begins”.Once a person asked saint “I want happiness”.Say replied first remove “I” i.e Ego,then remove “Want” i.e “desires” now your are only left with ……..!🌹🌹🌹🌹

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    1. GS says:

      Yes Prakash, that’s a great thought. Thank you for sharing. It’s challenging to live a life without expectations. We are so used to having expectations for everything. And we felt bad and guilty when we don’t meet other people’s expectations. If you can’t live without expectations, start by being aware of them and lower your expectations.

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you for the reblog yet again.

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