Daily Dose for the Soul

What you’re feeling is a function of how you’re thinking, what you’re contemplating, and how your inner speech is being formulated. If you could tap in to the feeling of the power of intention, you’d sense that it is ever increasing, and confident in itself because it’s a formative power so infallible that it never missed its mark. It’s always increasing and creating. The forward movement of spirit is a given. The power of intention yearns towards fuller expressions of life, just as the artist’s feelings pour out in a fuller expression of his or her ideas and thoughts. Feelings are clues about your destiny and potential, and they’re seeking the full expression of life through you.

How do you enter into the spirit of intention, which us still about feeling expressing life? You can nurture it by your continual ongoing expectation of the infallible spiritual law of increase being a part of your life. We saw it through our imaginary capacity to see higher vibrations, and we heard it in the voice given to it by spiritual masters throughout the ages. It’s everywhere. It wants to express life. It’s pure love in action. It’s confident. And guess what? You are it, but you’ve forgotten. You need to simply trust your ability to cheerfully rely upon Spirit to express itself through and for you. Your task is to contemplate the energies of life, love, beauty and kindness. Every action that’s in harmony with this originating principle of intention gives expression to your own power of intention.

Reference : The Power of Intention. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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