Halloween Makeup Tricks Part 6

Get gruesomely good results for your upcoming Halloween Party or child’s trick-or-treating adventure. Make the most of the items that you have and create haunting memories. Learn about these makeup tips and techniques for the best Halloween getup ever.

Make Fake Tattoo Art (Non-Permanent) with Fabric Paint and Pantyhose

You will Need :

  • Pantyhose (colour should match your skin as much as possible)
  • PV Pipe
  • Fabric Markers

What you need to do :

  • If you are tracing over a template, tape printed template on PVC pipes.
  • Slip pantyhose on top of PVC pipe and position it where you want the tattoo to be located.
  • Trace over template on panty hose with fabric markers (or permanently markers).
  • Allow paint/marker to dry.

Wear your tattoo “sleeves on your arms of legs.

Reference : https://img.wonderhowto.com/img/77/67/63486646202154/0/7-halloween-makeup-tricks-using-common-household-items.w1456.jpg

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