Daily Dose for the Soul

A fundamental attribute of the supreme originating power is kindness. All that’s manifested is brought here to thrive. It takes a kindly power to want what it creates to thrive and multiply. Were this not the case, then all that’s created would be destroyed by the same power that created it. In order to reconnect to intention, you must be on the same kindness wavelength as intention itself. Make an effort to live in cheerful kindness. It’s a much higher energy than sadness or malevolence, and it makes the manifestation of your desires possible. It’s through giving that we receive, it’s through acts of kindness directed towards others that our immune systems are strengthened and even our serotonin levels increased.

Low energy thoughts that weaken us fall in the realm of shame, anger, hatred, judgement, and fear. Each of these inner thoughts weaken us and inhibits us from attracting into our lives what we desire. If we become what we think about, and what we think about is what’s wrong with the world and how angry and ashamed and fearful we are, it stands to reason that we’ll act on those unkind thoughts and become what we’re thinking about. When you think, feel, and act kindly, you give yourself the opportunity to be like the power of intention. When you’re thinking and acting otherwise, you’ve left the field of intention, and you’ve assured yourself of feeling cheated by the all-creative Spirit of intent.

Reference : The Power of Intention. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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