Daily Dose for the Soul

When you shift to an abundance mind-set, you repeat to your­ self over and over again that you’re unlimited because you emanated from the inexhaustible supply of intention. As this picture solidifies, you begin to act on this attitude of unbending intent. There’s no other possibility. We become what we think about, and as Emerson reminded us: “The ancestor to every action is a thought.” As these thoughts of plentitude and excessive sufficiency become your way of thinking, the all-creating force to which you’re always connected will begin to work with you, in harmony with your thoughts, just as it worked with you in harmony with your thoughts of scarcíty. If you think you can’t manifest abundance into your life, you’ll see intention agreeing with you, and assisting you in the fulfilment of meager expectations!

The universal Spirit is always working with you in bringing your thoughts of unlimited abundance into your life. The right people will magically appear. The right break would come along. The help one needs will seemingly manifest out of nowhere. And in a sense, you are still collecting pop bottles, shovelling snow, and car­rying out groceries for old ladies today. Your vision hasn’t changed, although the playing field is enlarged. It’s all about having an inner picture of abundance, thinking in unlimited ways, being open to the guidance that intention provides when you’re in a state of rapport with then being in a state of ecstatic gratitude and awe for how this whole thing works.

Reference : The Power of Intention. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

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