Daily Dose for the Soul

To realise your desires, match them with your inner speech. Keep all inner talk focused on good reports and good results. Your inner speech mirrors your imagination, and your imagination is your connecting link to Spirit. If your inner speech is in conflict with your desires, your inner voice vvill win. So, if you match desires with inner speech, those desires will ultimately be realised.

Think from the end. That is, assume within yourself the feel­ing of the wish being fulfilled, and keep this vision regard­ less of the obstacles that emerge. Eventually you’ll act on this end thinking, and the Spirit of Creation will collabo­rate with you.

To reach a state of impeccability, you need to practice unbend­ing intention. This will match you up with the unbending intent of the all-creative universal mind. Keep a solid picture of the com­pleted desire in my mind, and refuse to let that intention disappear. There’s nothing that can keep you from that intention being fulfilled. Some say that one should have great disci­pline, but you know otherwise. Your unbending intent won’t allow for anything but its completion to be expressed. You will be pushed, prodded, and propelled, and finally almost mysti­cally attracted to your end result. All waking and sleeping thoughts should be focused on this picture, and you should never lack for being in a state of awe at how it all comes together.

Reference : The Power of Intention. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

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  1. So true. You gotta be drunk off your desires to really stand a chance of making them manifest

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    1. GS says:

      Yes..minus the anxiety.


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