Daily Dose of Nature

How to Use Your Tea Tree Oil Part 1

Tea tree’s impressive antiseptic properties make it an essential ingredient of any aromatherapy medicine cabinet and a valuable addition to your bathroom.

Fight Infections, Prevent Germs Spreading

Tea tree is not only antiseptic but also acts to strengthen your immune system, stimulating and toning your natural defences.

  • Chase away colds and flu with a facial steam. Combine 10 drops of tea tree with five drops of eucalyptus and inhale deeply. This blend will work just as well on acne.
  • Swirl a few drops of tea tree into your daily bath to clear away thrush or cystitis. It is especially effective in pessaries to clear persistent thrush.
  • Dilute to three per cent solution in water for a refreshing mouthwash that will fight gum disease and clear mouth ulcers. But remember not to swallow.
  • Vaporising tea tree when you’re sick with the flu will help to disinfect the air and stop you from passing the infection onto any kind friends or relatives who come to visit.

If there’s a cold going round your workplace, wash your hand with tea tree soap to eliminate any germs you may pick up.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/9f/84/a7/9f84a797e75ca2229869bc81a43e0b6a.jpg

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