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In today’s post we will talk about things we are prepared to walk away from. What are you ready to walk away from? This often unasked question is one of the important principles in everyone’s life. We are all familiar with the age old theoretical situation where our house is burning and we should grab only the things which are important to us. Ofcourse we won’t dash into the inferno for our material possession, we would first ensure the safety of our loved ones and pets. Then once they are safe, we would go for the irreplaceable things, everything else would be lost. But let’s talk about easy stuff, what our things you should be ready to walk away from :

  • Relationships – Don’t keep any relationship in your life from which you can’t walk away within 30 minutes. Many of your will disagree with me because this ideology sounds crass but it is quite the opposite. Our preparedness to walk away is the ultimate form of caring. Both parties should be willing to contribute to a relationship and if also should be willing to move away if one of the them stop providing the love.
  • Possessions – If we buy a new possession, we have to make sure we do not attach much meaning to it. The ability to walk away can only happen when we un-attach ourselves to things and that gives us a lot of flexibility in life.
  • Ideas and Thoughts – If you take on a new idea or habit, you do so because it has a potential to add value to your life. New ideas shape the future me. Same goes for habits. Overtime ideas change, improve and expand, current habits will get replaced by new habits which continue to help you grow. So walk away from current ideas and habits.

That said, there are certain things we cannot walk away from, a marriage, a business partnership, a job that pays the rent, a passion. The key is the have few exceptions as possible. Naturally even these exceptions aren’t exceptions for everyone. Marriages often end and business end. People are laid off and passion change overtime. Even though you cannot walk away from any above mentioned situations in 30 minutes flat, have the courage to walk away from them when they no longer add value to their lives.

Hope these helps. Be deliberate with things you allow in your life.

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      Thank you 🙏🏼

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      1. Always a pleasure to read and share your posts, My Dear!
        xoxox 😘💕🎁😊🌹

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