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Aromatherapy for Recovering Your Zest for Life

If you feel like your life is becoming a bit boring then your need to harness the power off aromatherapy oils to shake off your lethargy and have some fun.

Sometimes life just seems to fall into a rut. You are not depressed or heartbroken but everything has become routine and humdrum. At such times you feel the need to recover the zest and increase the level of excitement and fun in your life.

Lust for Life

This is the time when you need to look at the goals you have set yourself in the past and discover how successful your have been in perusing them. Once you identify the areas that are lacking in your life, you need to work with them to restore your sense of fun. Aromatherapy oils can help facilitate this process, so try to use them in your home as much as possible, and wear them to have a continuous influence.

Blending Oils to Restore your Joie De Vivre

All of these blends should be made using 35ml base oil and can be used as a room spray or in a warm, relaxing bath.

Examining Patterns

  • Top Note : 2 drops lemon + 3 drops lime
  • Middle Note : 3 drops rosemary
  • Base Note : 2 drops cinnamon

Breaking Routine

  • Top Note : 2 drops basil + 2 drops peppermint
  • Middle Note : 2 drops nutmeg + 2 drops rosemary
  • Base Note : 2 drops ginger

Focusing On Goals

  • Top Note : 3 drops Basil
  • Middle Note : 4 drops Geranium
  • Base Note : 3 drops Cinnamon

Recovering Zest

  • Top Note : 3 drops lime + 3 drops lemongrass
  • Middle Note : 2 drops black pepper
  • Base Note : 2 drops ginger

Use aromatherapy oils to put some adventure and fun back in your life.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/8a/f2/b5/8af2b500920d78a82d775e81543eb5e3.jpg

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