Setting Healthy Limits

Setting limits/boundaries, re-prioritizing one’s schedule, and stress management techniques are all way to decrease the chance of experiencing burn-out. You can avoid mental burns out by ensuring that what you do remains fun: There is a limit to your mental energy and you should respect that. As you get better at what you do, people may want increasing amounts of time, and will reply on you more and more.

It is easy for commitments to get bigger; people tend to be quite happy to consume other people’s mental resources without worrying about the consequences. You must learn to say “No” to commitments that you do not want to take on, otherwise you will be in severe danger of burning out as you become unhappy with your situation.

Signs of Burn Out

If you feel that you are in danger of burning out, or are not enjoying what you do, the following points can help you correct the situation :

  • Re-evaluate your goals and prioritise them.
  • Evaluate the demands placed on you and see how they fit it with your goals.
  • Identify your ability to comfortably meet these demands.
  • If you are over involved , reduce the commitments that are in excess.
  • If people demand too much emotional energy, become more unapproachable and less sympathetic. Involve other people in a supportive role. You owe it to yourself to avoid being bled dry emotionally.
  • Learn stress management skills.
  • Examine other areas in your life that are generating stress, such as work or family, and try to solve problems and reduce the stress.
  • Get the support of your friends and family in reducing stress.
  • Ensure that you are following a healthy lifestyle.
  • Get adequate sleep and rest to maintain your energy levels.
  • Ensure that you are eating a healthy, balanced diet. Bad diet can make you ill or feel bad.
  • Get adequate regular aerobic exercise.

Want to know the morning signs of burnout, tap of the link to learn more >

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  1. the greatvincent says:

    Under the circumstances it’s hard to follow up on a healthy lifestyle but definitely one can or should infact follow exercising

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  2. Learned a lot about stress management in college. I have my de-stressers in my life- just all am of them not available at the moment

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    1. GS says:

      We just need a few to make things better


      1. Things would be much better for me if musical theatre returned

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      2. GS says:

        Yes for sure

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      3. So, don’t know how to make things a bit better

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      4. GS says:



      5. My sister and I use Disney+ more. Every once in a while, we use Netflix.

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      6. GS says:

        Excellent there are many other options based on the country you are in.


      7. Originally, my parents got Disney+ for Hamilton. But continued after seeing all the other movies- as in the ones my sister and I love

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you for sharing

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