Daily Dose of Self Love

Welcome to the Daily Dose of Self Love. This series will be about self love, self care, self esteem and self worth. Basically everything related with SELF. My aim with this series is to give you a daily boost of self love and self care. We all get busy with our lives and sometimes it leaves us less or no time to take time for ourselves, be with ourselves, wash off all the negativity that we accumulated during the day with self love, meditation, etc. The daily boost will be in an easy to understand and more importantly something which is relatable. So Welcome!!

Self Love Practice Tip #54

Today we will continue to talk about intuitive eating. How many of you have gone on a diet and say a specific diet like no carbs or low carbs, many I suppose. And then remember what you craved the most during that period? The food you were asked to avoid? You are not alone and it is very obvious. That’s pretty much how diet works. Your body is telling you that it wants food, it wants energy and you giving in to temptation. Our body natural senses a hunger signal because it wants energy as we said earlier. Energy mostly comes from eating carbohydrates. We all know what diet culture says about carbs, stay away like banish carbs. It also has rules like turning away thee bread basket at a restaurant, wait what? I like those too. Diet culture wants you to derive yourself which eventually makes you crave for things more than you like it.

Hope this helped. Come back tomorrow to learn about intuitive eating. Till then here’s more on intuitive eating > https://empress2inspire.blog/2021/02/22/daily-dose-of-self-love-53/

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you for sharing.


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