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Abundance is the natural state of the nature of intention. Your desire for abundance must flow free of resistance. Any discrepancy between your individual intention or desire, and your belief concerning the possibility of summoning it into your life, creates resistance. If you want it but believe it’s impossible or that you’re unworthy, or that you don’t have the skills or perseverance, then you’ve created resistance and you’re disallowing. Your feelings indicate how well you’re attracting the energy necessary for the fulfillment of your desire. Strong feelings of despair, anxiety, blame, hate, fear, shame, and anger are sending you the message that you want success and abundance but you don’t believe it’s possible for you. These negative feelings are your clues to get busy and balance your desires with those of the universal mind of intention, which is the only source of that which you desire. Negative emotions tell you that your pulling power from intention is weak or even nonexistent. Positive emotions tell you that you’re connecting to and accessing the power of intention.

Excerpt From: Wayne W. Dyer. “The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way”.

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