Daily Dose for the Soul


The Energy of Intention and Your Self Respect

If you don’t believe that you’re worthy of fulfilling your intentions for health, wealth, or loving relationships, then you’re creating an obstacles that will inhibit the flow of creative energy into your daily life. Recall that everything in the universe is energy, which moves at various frequencies. The higher the frequency, the closer you are to spiritual energy. In the lower frequencies, you find shortages and problems. Intention itself is home to the laws of nature, and is the inner domain of every human being. This is the field of all possibilities, and it’s yours by virtue of your existence.

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Having a belief system that denies your connection to intention is the only way you’re unable to access the power of intention from the infinite field. If you’ve convinced that you’re unworthy of enjoying the field of all possibilities, then you’ll radiate this kind of low energy. This will, in fact, become your attracted energy pattern, and you’ll send messages to the universe that you’re unworthy of receiving the unlimited abundance of the originating Spirit. Soon you’ll act on this inner conviction of self disrespect. You’ll regard yourself as separate from the possibility of receiving the loving support of the origination field of intention, and you’ll stop the flow of that energy into your life. Why? All because you see yourself as unworthy. This disrespect alone is sufficient to impede the arrival of your intentions into your life.

Reference : The Power of Intention. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

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