Options To Manage Chronic Pain


Understand the pain cycle

Chronic pain can become a vicious cycle. Here’s an example of back pain.

– You treat your back pain with pain medicine.
– The pain continues and the medicine doesn’t work the way you want.
– You avoid being active because you don’t want to re injure your back
– With less activity and muscle conditioning, the pain gets even worse.
– At the same time, you can’t get out and be social due to pain.
– You’re anxious or depressed about being stuck at home and in pain, so you don’t want to do anything.
– That lack of mobility can make the pain even worse.
– Brings us back to > You treat your back pain with pain medicine

Even though it hurts, it’s important to continue moving through pain to stretch and strengthen your muscles. Be sure to follow your doctor’s advice for what movement and activity is right for you.

What are options to manage chronic pain?

Treatments for chronic pain include both medicine and activities. No single treatment works for everyone. Be open to trying new treatments and combinations of treatments. Treatment options include:

  • Acetaminophen or ibuprofen
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy – a goal-directed approach where you learn how to change thought perceptions and behavioral and emotional triggers of pain and stress
  • Movement therapy, including physical therapy
  • Medications that aren’t addictive
  • Interventional therapies (injections) 
  • Exercise (like yoga or Pilates) and weight loss 
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage

Take care and visit the doctor if pain persists.

Reference : https://file.anthem.com/106486ANMENABS.pdf

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  1. Very relatable. After resting two weeks with a muscle tear, it only takes one bad step to make it all for nothing. First swim session felt like walking on egg shells – second one a little better.

    Onwards 🤞🏼

    Good post.

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    1. GS says:

      Christine Tolman is a licensed clinical professional counselor and Talkspace therapist based in Idaho. She explains: “There is a great deal of evidence that suggests we can control our pain level with our thoughts. How we view our pain and how it impacts our everyday life can alter the way that it impacts us.”

      Of course, it’s not as simple as thinking your pain away. The degree to which you can alleviate your pain depends on the type of pain you’re experiencing, and the technique you use.

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