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Aromatherapy for Good Skin

Include essential oils in your daily beauty routine to keep the skin all over your body feeling clean, soft and blemish-free.

Your skin protects your body, providing a vital watertight barrier from the elements and infection. It is a living, breathing organ that needs constant care and attention to maintain a soft, supple, healthy state.

Daily Benefits

Incorporating essential oils into your skin care routine has therapeutic benefits. Antiseptic oils, such as tea tree and lemon, cleanser and heal skin infections, cuts and grazes. Anti-inflammatory essential oils (chamomile and rose) can be added to moisturising creams to receive sunburn and eczema.

The best way to treat your skin is to add oil to a bath, after which an aromatic body oil will easily penetrate the skin. For the face, use oils in steams (unless you have sensitive skin that’s prone to broken capillaries), flowers water or in cleansers and moisturisers to provide a fragrant start and finish to the day.

Make your skin healthier by applying essential oils.

How to Blend Complexion Oils

Blend oils to suit your complexion. Generally, top note oils are suited to oily skin and case notes to dry or mature complexions. The face can be sensitive to oils, so always carry out a patch test and use low dilution on sensitive skins prone to allergies.

Normal/Dry/Mature Skin
– Top Notes (Uplifting) – Rosewood/Palmarosa/Orange
– Middle Notes (Balancing) – Rose/Lavender
– Base Notes (Calming, Reassuring) – Benzoin/Neroli/Frankincense/Myrrh/Sandalwood

Sensitive/Cracked/Scarred Skin
– Top Notes (Uplifting) – Palmarosa/Galbanum
– Middle Notes (Balancing) – Chamomile/Rose/Lavender/Carrot Seed
– Base Notes (Calming, Reassuring) – Myrrh/Sandalwood/Patchouli

Oily/Combination Skin Prone to Spots
– Top Notes (Uplifting) – Lemon/Tea Tree/Lemongrass/Eucalyptus/Bergamot
– Middle Notes (Balancing) – Geranium/Cypress/Juniper/Petitgrain/Lavender
– Base Notes (Calming, Reassuring) – Cedarwood/Patachouli/Myrrh

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/56/4b/0d/564b0d9f18b6f95b9fc742571fa9c599.jpg

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    Just starting to time to do this for me. Great Post!

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