The Manifestor Type


The founder of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu affectionately called those with the Manifestor energy type “super slaves” and when a Manifestor is out of whack from their natural flow, it can be so true!

A happy Manifestor is a peaceful Manifestor; in control of their time, doing as they please when they please, being left alone to marinate in their weird and wonderful process while at the mercy of the Divine impulses that inspire them into a tidal wave of action. Once they’ve crashed on the shore, it’s correct for them to retreat in peace.

As someone with this energy type who’s lived it both correctly and incorrectly, I know what it is to stagnate in procrastination and analysis paralysis, I am familiar with rejection on a deep and visceral level and I understand I have the capacity to start a blaze! The difference between it becoming a tragic wildfire or an enchanting campfire is my intention. And then it’s out of my control. What will become of that match flick, I wonder?

Therefore, I tune in daily to my intentions. I honour my strategy (emotional) and act from a place of clear non-attachment in the hopes my impact adds meaning and value.

I’m beginning to be okay with wanting what I want and I’m learning that, I wield the power to make it happen. This doesn’t always mean It works – after all, the spontaneous impulse of the Universe ultimately dictates the outcome of all things, and that is the point at which I surrender. It’s a peaceful place to be.

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  1. Wow. I felt this post on a personal level, as if it was written for me

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    1. GS says:

      The Manifestor energy type makes up 8% of the world’s population. Manifestors have a powerful drive and are here to make a tremendous impact (hence why there aren’t a lot of them). They’re here to initiate action, spark a movement, or bring into existence new ideas or ways of doing things.


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