Immersion Strategies


Two of the best immersion strategies available. These are intensive painting and intensive writing. Both of these draw on your creative faculties so you can make them stronger. Creativity is an excellent tool that you can use in nearly any context. Once you open up your creativity just a little, you can build momentum and make innovation and the imagination as core components of your existence. But it always takes commitment and willpower at the start to immerse yourself in the creative process. Consider that Mark Zuckerberg publicly posted that how was going to spend a year learning Mandarin Chinese. Intelligent people are constantly looking for ways to expand their mental capabilities.

Travel is one of the most common immersion strategies available. Learning how different people think and behave is excellent for contrast against your own personal values and beliefs. The starkest example of this is when people of the West go to places like India and Thailand in the East. While people in the West are goal orientated and live in the future, the people of the East tend to live in the moment more (this has its own set of drawbacks, as they generally don’t seem motivated enough in terms of self- development).

Many people spend at least a year of their lives traveling. However, they tend to go the wrong way about it. They often do it near the end of their lives and try to fit in as many places as possible like ticking boxes off a checklist. When traveling, it is best to spend longer time periods in a set location to really imbibe the culture.

You can immerse yourself in anything. Try to immerse yourself in minimalism for a month. No tv, smartphone, no unhealthy food, no social media, no computer, a clean desk, a clean room, a small set of clothes etc. Remember that 21 days is the time it takes to incorporate a habit. So if you manage to follow through with something for over 21 days, then you can carry this habit forward with far less effort than when you started out.


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