When Was The Last Time You Stopped Thinking?

The ego-mind is constantly overthinking. Every emotion and thought you have produces its own vibrational frequency, all occurring within space.

When you’re drowning in thoughts, you can’t hear your own inner music. Every thought you have is a rock thrown into a placid pond. The rock creates ripples on the placid water, then the water returns to stillness. The paradoxical mystery of vibration, is that it is action, and at the same time the space in between. The water still has a vibrational frequency whether you throw another rock in the pond or not.

Our bodies are mostly made of water, and we too are vibrationally sensitive to our state of mind. Your thoughts can produce beautiful music within yourself, or chaos. In between the music, there is an intermission. There is always vibrational space to return to. Music itself is just the ripples of sound within space.

Meditation is the practice of cultivating space within your mind. When the turning of your mind stops, you feel true silence. When you feel true silence, you can more clearly feel true vibration. When space is allowed to enter your being, all of a sudden there isn’t so much to think about after all.

The body itself is vibrating with all of existence. When you are in tune with the subtle vibrations produced by your body, you feel how dimensionally connected you are to all of the universe.

Our ears are just a fragment of our vibrational perception. When we begin listening with our whole body, we begin to feel how everything is vibration. When you vibe well with someone, you are vibrationally harmonizing with them. When someone emotionally throws you off, your vibrational waves are contradicting each other. This is also the mechanics of your intuition. When you feel connected to yourself, you can literally feel others too.

Staying connected to the vibrational space in between gives rise to creative energy, because the creative force is a state of high vibration. All art is vibrational art, from dancing, to singing, to painting, to writing, to any form of creating. Creativity is infinite within high vibrational space.

When you’re in a state of clarity, vibrating with all of existence you feel endless inspiration and love. When we feel disconnnected, we’ve lost ourselves to overthinking, and are no longer feeling our body. You can always return to your true vibration by returning to the space within you, in between your thoughts, desires, and dreams. Make music with your mind. Listen to the silence, so that you may more clearly hear the song. As a highly vibrational being, there isn’t much more we need to do than dance along with all of existence.

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      Thank you for sharing

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      1. Always a joy and pleasure to read and share your posts with followers, My Dear! Hope you have a great day!! xoxox 😘💕🎁🌹

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