How to be a Master Player Part 2

Having energy could be the feeling that is most beneficial, every person wish to be powerful. Control your emotions and actions, be people, conceal people that are many. Make plan achieve it no matter what and stay The Master of Player.

  • Others cannot predict what’s next when it comes to you actions. Others can’t assume anything about you will help you for every battle.
  • The one who protects you know how destroy you. It’s better to protect yourself than rely on yourself.
  • Never commit anything to anyone. Sometimes you needed to stand for one side but that does not mean you have to commit anything stupid.
  • Let your enemy know he is winning until you finally win. If someone thinks they are above you or better than you, don’t break the bubble.
  • Make surrender a tool of power. When you feel that game is not in your side, surrender, now time to rethink and come back with more strength.
  • Focus on your strongest point. Focus on your strategies, let them waste their time and energies by focusing on your strongest point.
  • Rebuild the better you. You know your weaknesses and strength. Re-create yourself by accepting a new identity be interesting person.
  • Never be a follower. Be leader. Following others can inspire you but being a leader you can inspire others. Win their hearts, mind, trust, ask them to make sacrifices on your behalf.
  • Be sure. Be bold. Be confident enough and then act. Unsurely is dangerous.
  • Set your goal from the beginning. Plan all the way at the beginning, think about all the possibilities and twists and boundaries.
  • When you give your 100% make it look like it’s your 60%. Tell them what you can do for him if they help, he will respond enthusiastically when he see his interest.
  • Use people brain for your favour. People believe in what they think, so make them think and use their imagination in your favour.
  • If the game is yours, then it really doesn’t matter who shuffle the cards. Give people’s options that come out in your favour whichever option they choose.
  • Be king, or act like a king. The way you carry yourself says a lot about how you treated. Be confident and allegiant like that you will wear an invisible crown.

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