All I Want To Do

How to Stop Hating Your Body

All I want to do in life is read books and take pictures and sing in the car and pet dogs and laugh until I cry and have butterflies in my stomach and play the piano and give hugs and find new music and wear dresses and curl my hair and paint and go to concerts and put flowers in my hair and walk through airports and get coffee and wake up for sunrise and ride my bike and give out compliments and write and go to the beach and tell people I miss them and play board games and go on walks and smile at strangers and bake cakes and get new tattoos and stay up all night and stay in all day and watch suspense-thrillers and listen to the rain and do puzzles and wear oversized shirts and buy myself flowers and walk around the grocery store and have breakfast for dinner and hold hands and go to surprise parties and weddings and buy new candles and take long showers and stare at the moon and have sleepovers and play in the snow and night swim and drink the perfect amount and have camp fires and look at the stars and fall in love and read poetry and go to art museums and go to farmers markets and thrift shop and be overwhelmingly happy.

22 responses to “All I Want To Do”

    • Thanks Gary. A simple thing to do everyday is gratitude. The happiest people take time each day to either express their gratitude out loud or at least to themselves. Take some time right now to recognize all the little things in your life that make it worth living and be grateful they are there.

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