People Who Are Good For You

There are people who notice you only when you shine, or when you fall into the darkness. Not the average you. Not the mediocre you. But the great you, or the not-so-great you. The people who are worthiest of your care are not those who only notice you at your best and worst but those who see you at all times. They don’t need an excuse to love you. They don’t need an excuse to talk to you, or to ask you how you’re doing. They don’t need an excuse to share their happiness with you. They don’t need an explanation. They give you one without you asking for it. They assume the good in you before the bad. So keep eyes open just so you don’t miss those people. Once you find them, never let them go because those are not just friends but family members. They’re life companions. They are the people who will tell you when you are wrong simply because they’ve allowed themselves to tie their well being to yours.

13 responses to “People Who Are Good For You”

  1. I have good friends like this in my life. But sometimes my past negative life experiences about freinds forces me to see my reality in negative perspective but I refuse to see in the negative way because I know future will be too much better than past. So battle is going on in my mind between positive and negative. Your positive posts fresh my mind in morning to see the reality in positive perspective as well as this post on good freinds also good. Thanks for sharing this post.

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