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Just in case no one has told you lately : you are worthy of the same love you give. You bring value when you show up for others, and also, when you breathe deep and simply live. You long to find your place in thee world. You long to fully present. And I just hope that just as much as you are present to others you are also present to yourself.

You see beauty in the life of others and the stories that they tell. And I just hope you know, as you listen, you are worthy of being heard as well.

You love others so well.
You see where Light pours through.
May you know the same love you give
You are worthy of receiving too.

15 responses to “Worthy”

    • You are worthy, but that’s a hard truth to swallow when you make mistakes, don’t reach goals, get lost in comparison, and believe all the negative things you think. Human beings are built for progress, though, not perfection.

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    • Love isn’t distributed according to any system of “fairness”, and indeed it’d be rather unloving to even try to apply such a measurement to love. But I still think it’s pretty likely that for most people, if they’re open and loving towards others, and take care that the people they like feel at home and as if they belong with them, then at least some of them will reciprocate.


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