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I like people who have a sense of individuality. I love expression and anything awkward and imperfect, because that’s natural and that’s real. Show yourself, do not pretend otherwise. I think it’s beautiful the way you sparkle when you talk about the things you love. And I like it when you disseminate, when you open up and dare to be completely honest, and when you laugh at the smallest things and then look into my eyes. When you are yourself, and show me who you are.

I’m here, appreciating this moment. All I can so is look around, looking at you, looking into your eyes and seeing a smile appear on your face, and in that moment there is a warm, familiar energy that you do not want to say goodbye to. I am grateful for everything that I have, for that beautiful moment, this moment that may be the last.

Beauty is the way you hold yourself, it’s how you treat people. The way you love. It’s self acceptance. Beauty is your soul.

30 responses to “Beauty”

    • Self-acceptance enables you to understand and be honest about your strengths and weaknesses. By accepting yourself, you open the door to self-care and a much more positive attitude towards who you really are. This will create the opportunity to develop and improve yourself and your life.

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    • By knowing and being yourself, you are better able to acknowledge things that you do not know well enough. You won’t be too proud to ask questions because you – and, hopefully, everyone you work with – know how genuine you are. People will respect your ability and even eagerness to pick their brains.

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    • Self-acceptance helps you control your emotions. This can lead to mental imbalance and emotional outbursts as a result of elevated anxiety, stress, or anger. A lack of self-acceptance limits your capacity for happiness. It also affects your psychological and emotional well-being.

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    • Our sense of separateness or individuality is just an interpretation that our cultural conditioning imposes on our raw sensations and experiences from our infancy. A new baby does not have a sense of individuality until it learns it. However, the apparently separate self that develops in the course of adulthood is valuable as the focal point of the emergence of self-awareness. This feeling of a separate identity is the point awareness from which we can experience pure consciousness itself and see that our real self does not share the limitations of the mind and body that we had been taught from an early age. In recognizing our true self, we act as if we are a separate person, but know and feel that we are unlimited and at one with the cosmos.

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    • Most welcome. Our sense of self is an essential ingredient to our success as a species. Maintaining a self-identity means we can tie together a coherent set of memories, helping us to perform better based on past experiences. For example, it allowed our human ancestors to remember new techniques to find food and shelter. Recalling a memory of digging in the ground using a tool to find edible roots, for example, would allow us to repeat the new trick and show it to others.

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    • When taking everything into account, it would seem that, in general, it is healthier to wear your heart on your sleeve. Suppressing emotions creates an imbalance internally and this can lead to tension, dysfunctional behaviour and even physical illness. A crucial factor though is WHEN to express yourself and to WHOM.

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  1. Beauty is the soul! How well you summarise it and remind us that beauty isn’t what we mistakenly perceive as beauty but in the little nuances, in the smiles and idiosyncrasies and the shine that lights from the soul.

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