Healing Is Not Linear

There are going to be days where you wake up and your bones are full of light. There are going to be days where it feels like your heart has finally settles into its new form, has finally mended the wounds. There are going to be days where you leap towards something you would have run from in the past. And those moments will be so gratifying, it will all feel beautiful and hopeful.

But then there will also be days where you take five steps backwards. Where the sound is scratched, where the hurt resurfaces. Where you hear a song and your chest tightens. Where you see them in public and your heart starts to ache. Where the memories surprise you in the middle of your day. And that can be deeply jarring, it can be hard to sit with, it can be disorienting. It can make you question your healing.

But the truth is, healing happens in waves. It is a process. You peel back the layers. You move forward. You find new rooms within your healing, within your heart, that you are scared to go into, and you learn how to face those obstacles, you learn how to open the door. Healing is a lifelong memory. But slowly, we learn how to control the way the memory affects us. Slowly, we learn how to approach the hard days, we learn how to not let them convince us that this season of learning has been for nothing. We let those emotions pass through us like rain. We learn how to believe in the foundation we have built within our healing, how to remind ourselves just how far we have come, how to have compassion for ourselves, how to keep believing in our growth, even when we cannot feel it.

18 responses to “Healing Is Not Linear”

    • Healing takes time to unfold. Each arc in the path of our journey is an important part of our story; without those experiences, we wouldn’t be the person we are today.


    • Some people cannot be cured, but everyone can heal. Healing is not a linear process, but rather, more of an upward spiral. You process things cyclically and each time it comes around, you peel back another layer and get closer to your core.

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    • Emotional healing is a process of accepting all the painful life experiences and the negative emotional reaction which is generated from them. It means to be properly mastering the art of coping with various stressors. When emotionally healed, the psychological hurt which was bothering does not hold someone back. The mental wounds are closed and there is no significant pain.

      During the process of emotional healing, the past will never be a barrier to live the present moment happily and peacefully. Healing emotions and also changing negative thoughts will allow to assemble all the broken parts of oneself. It propels coming to terms with the grief, thereby becoming stronger and more confident from within.


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