Days Like These

There will be days where the simple tasks don’t feel so simple. Days where you know you could have achieved it all if your mind wasn’t so tired. Days where you try to get yourself into the mindset you now you can get into but for some reason today it just isn’t happening. Days where all of a sudden time has run out and instead of giving your body the break it needed you wasted a whole day pushing yourself to get through it but didn’t achieve anything at all. These are the days where you’re too burnt out to give it everything it needs, but for some reason you still try, maybe because you’re afraid of letting someone down, or letting yourself down. Why is there so much stigma around taking a day off when your mind doesn’t feel so good? For some reason, or maybe even no reason at all, you just can’t do it today, and that’s okay. Take the time you need to rest, to find inspiration, to remember all the little things make you happy. It’s those little things that help remind you who you are, and why you do what you do. Your mind wasn’t created to be “on” like this all the time, rushed and pushed beyond its limits, day after day. Normalise accepting this and stop forcing yourself to “just get through it” when you know deep down your mind needs a break. Look after yourself, look after your mind, and see what magic you’re capable of.

17 responses to “Days Like These”

  1. Excellent motivational post. I am a huge fan of blogs like yours that send out positive encouraging messages. Please keep up the good work because your post is boosting my morale also.

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  2. This really hit me and my situating is a bit more extreme. I just had surgery and it’s supposed to take 6 weeks to recover. Are about 2 I was like I’m feeling good surely I can do stuff around the house and only ended up hurting myself and putting myself on full time bed rest for the duration of my healing and it’s hard. Everyone keeps pointing out I had surgery, I’m supposed to be resting, this is like the one time you’re given the okay to be the ultimate level of lazy. And yet my brain is telling me I’m being useless and surely I should be able to manage something, and it’s gotten to the point of depressing. It’s sad that we’ve been so trained that sitting still is so bad that even when it’s literally required of us it feels like we’re doing something wrong.

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