Unusual Uses for Discarded Eggshells

Unusual Uses for Discarded Eggshells empress2inspire.blog

Many foods do not come in natural packaging that is as useful and versatile as its content. Eggs are an exception. So, the next time you buy a carton of eggs, be sure to hold onto the eggshells after you are finished cooking with them.

  • Unclog your kitchen sink – Leave a few pieces of egg shells in your sink strainer, which helps trap additional solids.
  • Clean your teapot – Mix together crushed egg shells. Dish soap and hot water. Add to teapot and shake vigorously. Let it sit overnight and rinse out.
  • Fertilise your soil – Eggs add valuable minerals and calcium to the soil. Add used eggshells to your compost pile.
  • Start seedlings – Add potato soil to an egg shell half and keep it upright in an egg carton. Use it to sprout seedlings.
  • Keep slugs (and other pests away) – Crush up eggshells to sprinkle a border around your plants to keep snails and slugs away.
  • Make sidewalk chalk
    – You will need – 4-5 eggshells (washed + dried), 1 teaspoon flour and 1 teaspoon hot tap water (Optional : food colouring).
    – Step 1 – Place egg shells in a bowl and crush them into a fine powder. Discard any large pieces.
    – Step 2 – In another bowl, add flour, hot water and 2 tablespoon of eggshell powder. Mix into paste (optional : add food colouring). Mix it up.
    – Step 3 – Shape into shape of chalk and roll tightly in a paper towel or wax paper.
    – Step 4 – Allow for it to dry for 3 days. Enjoy.
  • Make your coffee taste better – (Only use eggs shells from hard boiled eggs) Add crushed egg shells to ground coffee before brewing. This will make your coffee taste less bitter.
  • Add a youthful flow to your face – Crush clean, dried egg shells with a mortar and pestle. Mix powder with egg white and apply to face. After the face mask dries, rinse off.
  • Give your pet a calcium boost – In a 250 degree (F) oven, dry eggs shells for 30 minutes. Place in plastic zipper bag and crush with a rolling pin into a fine powder. Place powder in to your dog’s food on a regular basis.
  • Make painted Easter eggs – Poke holes on both ends of a raw egg and blow out the egg yolk into a bowl. Rinse out egg and bake at low heat. Once eggs are baked, paint with watercolours.

Reference : https://thesecretyumiverse.wonderhowto.com/how-to/10-unusual-uses-for-discarded-eggshells-0135541/

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