Let It Save You

Listen, whatever it is that makes you wake up, whatever it is that makes you feel a moment of peace or a glimmer of hope, just keep it close. Please, live for it. Make sure that you focus on it. Make sure that you make time for it. I don’t care what it is. You have to understand that happiness does not have to be this big all consuming thing. Sometimes happiness is your morning cup of coffee. Sometimes it is the smell in the street after it rains, or your favourite song played on repeat for three hours straight. Sometimes happiness is your friend’s laughter or the way the sky looks through the trees in your favourite park. If it keeps you going, if it ignited something within you, it doesn’t matter how small or grand it is. Just hold on to it. Let it save you.

20 responses to “Let It Save You”

    • Finding what we love and letting it kill us means staying true to our inner beliefs and desires. It means, as Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard would say, living “authentically.” And few things are more effective than authenticity when it comes to giving meaning to an otherwise meaningless life.


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