There are always moments when we think we have had everything, seen and felt everything. When you rebuild your confidence, when you open up again and give yourself the chance of happiness, and you stand there again, again with the same stuffiness in your throat, trembling in your hands and a light feeling in your head. A message, a few words and a confrontation that you cannot escape. All previous experiences, situations and feelings penetrate at the same time and there you are, screaming thoughts with a paralysed blow on your body. The doubt, the uncertainties and the multi-value feeling penetrate back to the core, and there you stand, staring into the void.

But this time you fill the void, reminding yourself that this is not who you are, this makes you who you are. A fighter, a person with emotions and feelings. Someone with a past, with lessons. And this will also be a lesson. You fill your emptiness with your lessons and strength, with your strong personality and all the love you have to give, so that you can receive it later.

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  1. parikhit says:

    The void is a good place indeed.

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  2. mezruth says:

    I find that God meets me where I am at – broken, empty, discouraged – whatever it is, and He fills me with love and courage that only He can give. I have very little confidence in myself and the unpredictability of circumstances, but God is a strong tower and a dependable rock on which I can base my life.

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    1. GS says:

      Embracing the void means being present with yourself, listening to yourself, and letting yourself tell you what it is that you truly need and want. In a way, this topic can very much relate to the practice of mindfulness or presence.


      1. mezruth says:

        Yes sometimes we have to face that void head on. It’s painful at first, but only then can we heal

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      2. GS says:



    1. GS says:

      Thank you for sharing my post


  3. gpavants says:


    I am in the dumps right now so being in the void is very fitting. Thanks,


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    1. GS says:

      Most welcome Gary. I am glad my words came to you at the right time.


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