Dear Self

Not everyone who comes in your life is meant to stay, forever. You have to understand that there will be people placed in your life for not only growth, but self realisation purposes. You will be tested. More than often, you’ll fail. Work on passion. People will make you love them deeper than you’ve ever loved before, and then leave. You have to love yourself enough to not sink. People will pick at your every flaw, making you self conscious. You have to promisee yourself, you’ll never come to a point where you hate yourself. People will love you right, I promise. They’ll come in and they’ll actually stay LOL. But sometimes, you still won’t be happy. You have to take risks and distance yourself from your fears. Never allow yourself to get too comfortable to where you feel like you’re “stuck”. You aren’t stuck babe, you’re stagnant. Nothing beautiful comes from this place. There will be people who will choose you in convenience. Whether it be because you live close by, or because you’re the only person that they know will always be there. It’s okay to not be there. Situate your own self. Don’t allow anyone to use your when it’s convenient for them. And for your own good, don’t use anyone in convenience either. There will be people who come into your life and want you for themselves. They’ll become possessive of you. Often, more time than not, they’ll be possessive of other people too. You probably aren’t the only one. And it’s easy to get caught in these situations when they make you feel loved and make you feel like you matter, but you are not an option. You never will be. You have to make sure that you never give anyone the power to make you feel less than. When a person has options, or more than one lover, you always end of wondering. Wondering whether you’re good enough, wondering why you aren’t the only one, wondering if you’re the first option. Fuck that. You deserve to be with someone who will only choose you, day in and day out. You deserve to be with the person who makes you happiest inside and makes you glow on the outside. You deserve to be with someone who will protect and take care of your heart, who will encourage you to keep growing. You deserve to continuously learn more and more about yourself and work at loving all of you better. You deserve to be with someone who wants you to love yourself more than you love them, so if they ever leave, you don’t feel like you left with them.

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