Next Time

The next time you judge someone, think about how you feel about being judged. The next time you talk, think about the words you use and what effect they will have. The next time you tell someone how they’re put together, make sure you know someone’s past and present, someone’s pain, struggle, and what’s behind the shell. The next time you touch someone, think about the consequences of your touch, make sure you know how that person feels. The next time you lash out at someone, ask yourself if this is justified, and if it adds anything. The next time you lie, ask yourself if it solves anything and if you wouldn’t rather know the truth yourself. The next time you shit someone out, think about the times when you felt alone. Think of the other.

Look beyond your own needs and emotions. Treat someone else the way you want to be treated. Give someone else a fair chance. Make sure you know better next time.

24 responses to “Next Time”

  1. the insult! Response: are you ok? Is something wrong? Or fav, “that’s one opinion. “ Lol researched it Always makes me wonder about the person doing the insulting, who are you to insult another, have your own issues; we all do.

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